• Jungle Party II / Pirate Adventure
  • Beach Party I / The Furry 500
  • Red Leopard Express / Could Be a Bad Night to Be a Zebra … or a Monkey


Welcome to the official website of Barry van Gerbig, Jr. My art is meant to be whimsical, and naive. I’ve been painting for over 18 years, and creating textile prints for over 14. I try to create themes that allow you to escape to an imaginary world, where a leopard can be red, and zebras are often great forms of transportation.

If you’ve found me … there’s probably a part of you that refuses to grow up … whether you’re young or young-at-heart. Each day should be filled with challenges, but I don’t think art should be. Just simple messages of joy, playfulness & mischief.

No corporate, or private collection history mean much unless there something about this artwork that immerses you, and changes your day for the better. If it does … it’s something that will probably give you, a child, a loved one, or a friend many years of enjoyment.

While original art is unique, and very personal … I also believe “archival prints” are a great way to own art for a reasonable cost, either as “Limited,” or “Open Editions.”

And whether you find something you’d like to own, or not, I’d appreciate any feedback. I hope you enjoy them, as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.