If you’ve thought about a larger painting for a living room, family room, bedroom, or study, but don’t have the higher cost of an “original” in your budget … then a giclee reproduction of an original is the perfect solution … as a Signed & Titled/Dated “Open Edition.” I only suggest an “Open Edition,” because it is the best value.

“Giclee” is an “art world” term for a process where extremely long-lasting, “archival” inks are professionally printed onto specially-treated, acid-free canvas … or acid-free, archival, “fine art paper.” The technology used to print these are high-end, large-format printers, like Epsons. If properly cared for, and kept away from direct sunlight, these giclees can last for generations. I have many happy customers that enjoy my art, but need something larger, especially if a large original has already sold. A few large ones (48″ x 60″ inches) have even gone into children’s hospitals.

These custom giclees are available starting at 16″x20″, and go up from there (20Hx24W, 24×30, 30×40,36×48, 48×60, etc.). If you have a preference for paper prints I don’t suggest going above a 20″x24″ size, due to mounting & preservation challenges. (FOR PRICING, PLEASE SEE “CUSTOM ORDER” ESTIMATES ON THIS PAGE.)


After the giclee is printed on canvas, it is mounted using wood “Stretcher Bars,” just like an original canvas. The standard “Stretcher Bar” is @ 3/4″ of an inch thick, which is what is normally used if you want to frame the print, or if you want to hang it unframed in a child’s room, for safety.

The other option is what’s called a “GALLERY WRAP CANVAS.” It’s how many artists display their art in galleries, as frames are such a personal choice. Some collectors like to see their art without a frame, or don’t want the cost of a larger frame, so “gallery wrapped” can be great way to go. The difference is that the wood stretcher bars are @ 1.5″-inches thick, and very sturdy. When I order the giclee, I usually have them print a Black Border. That way … if it is ever scuffed/scratched, you can always touch it up with a little black paint, or a Sharpie. You can also choose a “mirror effect,” where we can take a 2″-inch image from every side of the painting & reverse it on each side, so the the same colors keep going on the edges. No difference in cost. Your choice.


Special Order giclees are a great solution, but some time is needed to order, print, protect & ship them, so please order well in advance of the time you think you need it by.. Shipping a pre-stretched canvas giclee can be costly, in a normal, or “gallery wrap” format. My strongest suggestion, to save money, would be to have me print it on canvas & I will send it carefully packed & insured in an appropriate shipping tube. Once you receive it, you can bring it to most respected art supply, or framing stores & they can mount it for you. That’s how we did it for the 48″x60″-sized “The Furry 500” canvas print, which was donated by a customer to Tulane’s Children Hospital, in New Orleans.